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About RPW

Reading Pagans & Witches is a Non Profit Organization serving the Berks County (Pennsylvania) and Greater Reading Area. RPW was formed to provide networking and social outreach to pagans, witches, and those of any alternative faith in the region. We do this by providing a place that is open to all, regardless of their individual beliefs, and providing a greater awareness to alternative religious and spiritual paths.  Our goal is to provide education and social opportunities to the public, as well as enrich the happiness and social lives of our members. We further our purposes under this program by celebrating various nature-based faiths not just as a social group, but by building awareness through larger community events, such as festivals and public appearances at other venues for the sake of building awareness.

We began in October of 2004 as a discussion group and a face-to-face social gathering for the local Pagan community. From our meager beginning with only one person attending our first meeting, to having almost four dozen people attending our meetings less than a year later, our group has grown and evolved over the years. In January, 2009, we incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In April, 2012, we received our federal 501-c-3 status.

Until recently we held several larger events each year. In 2011 we elected to take a two-year hiatus and began refocusing the vision of Reading Pagans & Witches as our leadership core and community dynamics had experienced many natural changes. This is a temporary shift of focus, to make the events we will be putting on, once more, in the future even better for everyone. Our three larger annual events include a mixture of music, entertainment, ritual, educational discussions & lectures, children's activities, healers, readers, and regional vendors. In January of 2012 we hold the Imbolc Gathering & Expo (returning in  2015). Early May will find us hosting the PA May Faire. In the autumn we have the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival (returning in 2015). We end the year each December with a Yule Ball, which is akin to a formal cocktail party, complete with fine dining, dancing, raffle, and entertainment.

We also are currently involved in community service projects, including Pennsylvania’s Adopt-A-Highway project. In the past we have worked closely with Berks Women in Crisis and the Berks AIDS Network, part of the Co-County Wellness Center.


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