About Us

Reading Pagans & Witches is a Non Profit Organization serving the Berks County (Pennsylvania) and Greater Reading Area. was formed with the intention to serve the community with a focus on celebrating Pagans, Witches, and other nature-based and alternative faiths in the Berks County and Greater Reading Area. We will do this by providing a place that is open to all, regardless of their individual beliefs, and as a growing haven to advance pagan ideals non-invasively to the wider world. We are founded for education and community outreach purposes, with a focus on celebrating Pagans & Witches as well as other nature-based and alternative faiths. Our goal is to passively educate the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community, as well as promote the happiness and enjoyment of members of the community. We further our purposes under this program by celebrating various nature-based faiths. 

Pagan awareness coalition​Formerly Reading Pagans and Witches